Support functions and scholarships

The aim of the Imperial and the Charitable Order is to annually award scholarships as recognition and incentive to young people who have contributed to the well-being and development of society through their own activities.

 In particular, we aim to support young people who have acted

– as communal builders and influencers of work and study communities

– as improvers of society’s well-being, especially the living conditions of children, families and citizens

– in national defense management positions

– as a promoter of social action culture

– as influencers of cultural life, especially cultural pedagogy

By awarding scholarships, the purpose is to show young people that exemplary behavior and activities are supported and rewarded. As they continue to work in different areas of society, they will hopefully be able to contribute to the spread of good values around them.

The Order requests presentations and statements to support decision making  from expert organizations in various fields and from the management of universities and educational institutions. 3-5 scholarships are awarded annually. The Imperial and the Charitable Order decides each year on the size of the scholarships.

Scholarship sponsorship

The Imperial and the Charitable Order of Constantine the Great and St. Helen gives companies and individuals the opportunity to support young people with scholarships. Every year in cooperation with various leading educational institutions in Finland, the Imperial and the Charitable Order looks for scholarship holders who meet the values of the Order. By sponsoring a scholarship, the company can participate in supporting the young person in its own name and thus also convey to society a message about the company’s chivalrous value base.

Regarding sponsorship, it is possible to implement individually tailored solutions.